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Birthday Parties

For many kids, their birthday is their favorite holiday. And why not -- it's a day dedicated entirely to them, complete with cake, balloons, singing and presents. Although many parents stress at the idea of planning a birthday party, this age is actually an ideal time to throw one. We at KinderTots will keep your sanity while ensuring that everyone has a good time.


Birthday parties at KinderTots are special. We recommend parents to take few hours of time-off from work to join their children(s) special day. We specifically plan the Birthdays for the child to be memorable, fun with enjoyable yet learning activities that will make him feel special. We are sure it will be a memorable event in the child's life. We welcome suggestions from the parents on how to make it more enjoyable by bringing some variety. 

At KinderTots, we capture every moment of the Party with special focus on the Birthday boy or girl and post his or her picture book as a memorabilia.